You know how sometimes you read a blog post or a Facebook post or whatever online, and the person says, “Sorry I haven’t written in awhile?” Does that bother anyone else? That always bugs me. The reality is that no one usually notices if you haven’t been active online. They’re too busy being their own kind of busy. Oh, were you gone? I didn’t notice. I have a life.

So that’s not what this post is. The fact that I haven’t posted since…like last July, right?…bothers just me. Oh, was I gone? You didn’t notice, right? No problem. I’m back anyway, and I’m hoping you’re still interested in reading.

Do you know some people who seem to have given up on their health? Surely we all do. I mean, we live in this society that pushes fast food and frozen lasagna as home-cooked meals. We’re in a society that encourages people to work 40 hours in the office, then go home and work a few more hours. A society that’s always plugged in–shows on demand, work email at your fingertips, life hacks that make it seem normal to keep moving faster… It’s so overwhelming that it’s easy to give up on SOMETHING. And since your waistline isn’t the one paying the bills, why not give up on exercise and eating well? Right?

I’d like to say I’m above that type of thinking, but I’m recovering from my own kind of giving up on myself. And that’s where I’ve been for this almost a year–losing my sense of direction. Here’s what happened. After almost 8 years of working at a place that I actually kinda liked with people I liked quite a bit and where I was actually doing a pretty good job…my job disappeared. It became something else, and I wasn’t the right fit for that something else. So I found a new job and had lots of hope…but almost immediately this one was a cry-every-day-at-lunch disaster and I left after two months. I spent quite a bit of time wallowing…and not working out. Not creating vision boards (shut up, I hear you laughing at me!), not thinking about goals, not writing. Honestly, I can’t even say for sure what I WAS doing. But it wasn’t good for the scale. More importantly, it wasn’t good for my mental health.

I do have a new job at a place I love, working with adults in education–that’s one of my passions. After several months of getting comfortable there, I have slowly turned back to my main passion in life: helping others reach their health and fitness goals. Wanna join me? Stayed tuned!




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