Let me start by giving you one important statistic. I know, statistics are boring. However, this one is very important:

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Let’s define “successful” here as people who are meeting their fitness goals, ‘k?

I know. I was shocked when I found that true and not made-by-me¹ statistic. The internet doesn’t lie, though, so it’s true: 100% of people sometimes don’t want to exercise.

What does that mean? It is absolutely up to you to get your ass up off the couch. That’s what.

No one was born exercising. Arnold wasn’t (he was 13 when he picked up his first barbell), Jillian wasn’t, no one you know was. We all start out the same way. Yes, our genetics are different. What I can do is going to be different from what you can do. Incidentally, have you seen yet what Rey can do? I’ve been distracted by it all day. Regardless of how we’re different and where our strengths are, you can get moving too.

Here’s my point: Those people you know who work out and get in shape? They weren’t born doing that any more than you were. Starting out with exercise isn’t easy, and sometimes even the biggest gym rats would just rather stay home and eat Ben & Jerry’s.

It’s your choice. YOU have to decide to work out, and you have to decide it every. single. time. Once you get started, the momentum of feeling good does help. But sometimes? It’s going to take more than that to get you going.

So what do you do when you KNOW you should exercise, but you just don’t wanna? You know this is going to happen, so anticipate it and be ready. Lucky for you, I have some suggestions on just how to do that…

  1. sticker375x360.u1Tell someone you’ll be there. Plan to meet a friend at the gym or in the park. Then show up. It’s a lot harder to cancel when you know someone is waiting. One caveat to this: Many of us make plans knowing that we’re going to cancel later. As an introvert, I’ve been known for this myself. If you’re one of those people, make sure that friend you’re meeting knows that ahead of time. Nothing sucks more than having to work out alone when you thought you’d have a buddy (okay, some things do suck more, but that sucks too).
  2. Write about it on Facebook. I have several friends who post selfies every time they run, lift, etc. I know, there are many people who bitch about this selfie trend. But what I see is a perfect way to hold yourself accountable. If you’re posting a selfie every other day for a month (say, the month of January maybe…), then suddenly you stop? Everyone will know, slacker. Get back out there. Go-hard-or-go-home
  3. Schedule your workouts. You’ve probably seen this a thousand times, but do you do it? Take out your calendar, open your Google app, whatever, right now and schedule three workouts over the next week. Now. Stick to your schedule. calendar
  4. Give yourself something to look forward to during your workout. An awesome playlist, maybe, or even better: a podcast or audio book that you ONLY get to hear when you’re working out. You can learn AND get stronger. Amazing. 12336382_10153358325772057_1227704026_n
  5. Reward yourself AFTER your workout. Not with a cheeseburger, okay? I do love a good cheeseburger, but let’s not screw up that post-workout high. Reward yourself with something you love to do. Reward yourself with a favorite coffee shop trip. Just reward yourself with a smiley sticker on the calendar. Do something to indicate to yourself that you’re proud. That’ll be more likely to get you back out there next time.64334279

Like I said, the choice is yours. You have as much right to health as the next guy. You’ve just got to be the one to get up and do it.

¹Okay, maybe made by me…

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