A good morning routine can help start the day off right…

It’s especially appropriate that I’m publishing this entry about morning routines on the first day back to school for my kids after winter break. We’ve had over two weeks of sleeping late, lazing around in pajamas, not showering…

Today is going to be quite a shocker.

In my house growing up, my father woke me by opening the blinds, turning on the light, and singing out, “Good morning!” I always groaned, pulled the covers over my head, and wondered why he hated me so much.


These days I’m the mean parent in the mornings. I love it! I wake before everyone else, have a cup of coffee, complete a workout, walk the dog, then wake everyone up. Because I’ve gotten so much done already, I feel great¹ and can’t understand why my family doesn’t jump out of bed to face the day.

In other words, I’ve become the dreaded MORNING PERSON. Up until my first child was born, I was a night person just like my husband. I could stay up late and get so much done…then dragged my way through the morning until lunchtime. Once I had children, I realized that in order to have time alone, I needed to wake up early. One thing led to another, and boom! I love mornings and can’t stay up past 11:00 without becoming a monster.

All morning people will tell you that being a morning person is better. Therefore, seeing me say that isn’t very convincing. However, the internet tells us so, too. It tells us:

Do you wake up early? Do you wish you could? I’ve got a few suggestions on how to get your day started earlier and more productively…

  1. Use a more gentle alarm. No one enjoys the clanging of an annoying alarm clock. I find that the best way to wake up for me is through the use of an app on my phone. I use Sleep Cycle, which wakes me gently within 30 minutes of my planned time. On a similar note:
  2. Stop hitting snooze. That’s not real sleep. You’re fooling yourself. Get up.
  3. Create a morning routine. In my own morning, I try to fit in a short dog walk, a workout³, and a few minutes to meditate or journal.
  4. Have accountability. Find someone you can text the night before with what you want to accomplish the next day and what time you plan to wake. Plan to text each other again during the morning to see if you’re both on track.
  5. Don’t beat yourself up about it. So you slept in? Hit snooze 5 times and now have to rush to work? No problem. Just read the other stuff on the internet about why you SHOULDN’T get up early, no matter what Becky said. Then try again another day.

Morning routines don’t work for everyone, of course. If you find that you’re more productive at night and you have a schedule that allows for sleeping in, keep staying up. However, if you know you have to get up anyway, why not be proactive and set yourself up for success? By waking up early and having a morning routine in place, you’ve already won the day.


¹My family will tell you that I’m actually not always in a good mood in the mornings. Don’t ask them, they’re lying.

²I don’t always agree with this, actually. In a future post, I’ll talk about the best times to workout based on your own schedule.

³Tomorrow’s blog will include the short “Coffee Pot Workout” that I do on days when I only have enough time to work out while the coffee is brewing.



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