We get it, Sadness. New is scary!

Earlier this week my daughter tried out a Krav Maga class for kids. We’ve been talking about this class since July. She’s a gymnast and a bit of a daredevil, so when she heard about this fighting class (not really the point of the class, but I didn’t tell her that), she was ready. Months later, we finally had a free afternoon to check it out.

Everything seemed to go well from my view. I sat with the other parents, watching my girl punch and kick and run around. She seemed to be having a great time. I sat and calculated how much this one more thing would cost while fantasizing about joining the kickboxing class going on at the same time…It was going to be awesome.

After class, my daughter came running over to me. “How was it?” I asked. Then just as I knew she would…she burst into tears. Wait, what? That was not expected.

It was awful, according to my 9-year-old. “He treated me like I didn’t know anything,” she complained. “He put me in a group with the bigger kids because he thinks I’m little” (incidentally, at age 9, she’s the size of her 6-year-old friend). “No one listened to me.” “I never want to go back.”

Of course these were the frustrated words of a little girl. However, haven’t we all been there? On our way home from the class, I told her about my first bootcamp class. I showed up with a friend after purchasing a Groupon for a 5:30 a.m. class. I was one of the least fit women in the room (at least in my head anyway). At that point in my life, I had no idea that I would later become a personal trainer myself. All I knew was that there was a crazy-fit man at the front of the room, a group of women who all seemed to know each other, and a lot of exercises I’d never done before. By the end of the workout, I was sure I was going to throw up. I was sure the other women were making fun of me. I was sure I wouldn’t come back.

However, I had paid for that Groupon. And I had my friend with me. We went back the next day. It wasn’t easier. But we went back the next day. And it wasn’t easier.

I’d say that first week kinda sucked, really. However, we kept going. And guess what? Eventually, I LOVED it. By week two, I’d learned that there was no “hiney skip,” that actually that was “high knee” (though hiney skip is an exercise I’d totally like to patent). By week three, I was hooked and was working out outside of the class as well. And now here I am years later, kinda in love with fitness. No longer at that bootcamp, but I’m still friends with many of the women and the awesome trainer I met through that camp.

That’s what I talked to my daughter about after that first Krav Maga class. The first time we try anything is tough and uncomfortable. We never start out as experts at anything. That first time is going to suck.

So why do it?

Because look at all those friends you can make!

Because without the first time, you won’t ever get off the couch. Without that uncomfortable, awkward first time, you will never become an expert. You’ll never get a chance to have new experiences. And how lame is that?

So go do it! Go try something new. Try something new with new people, even. Maybe you can even teach your new friends that move I taught you, the Becky Hiney Skip…

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