Recently I’ve been inspired to get back to this personal trainer business thing. If you know me, you know I work full-time, have two kids, am easily distracted…Now if you don’t know me, you know those things too. So I’ve spent the last couple of months NOT doing this thing I’ve wanted to do for so long. Instead I’ve…well, honestly, I’m not sure I could tell you how I’ve spent all my time. But I know I wasn’t here. And guess how many clients I’ve met through my site during that time?

child holding a sign that says zero
My very own trainer, and she’s a tough one.

Right. Not a good record, really.

Here’s the problem. If we wait until we’re inspired to do something, we’re only going to do it every so often. Is there anything you’re inspired to do every single day? Sleeping and drinking coffee don’t count here, those are essentials. For me, the answer is no. I’m INSPIRED to work out EVERY DAY for maybe two weeks of the month. I’m INSPIRED to clean the house…never. I’m INSPIRED to eat healthy during those same two weeks I’m working out.

The fact is, what makes us do the things we need to do (and truly, the things we want to do so we can feel our best) is the habit of actually doing it. And what makes us actually do it is “Consistency.”

Consistency means that on most days, even if I want to sleep in, I get up early to exercise, meditate, or journal (and when I’m “inspired,” I wake up to do all three!). Consistency means that when the alarm goes off, I don’t wait to see if I’m inspired. I get up and do the thing. Consistently.

Consistency really is not a fun word. When it comes to fitness and nutrition, it’s right up there with the word “tracking” (also important, but that’s for another day). You never see anything like “Exercise Consistently for 10 Days to Lose 10 Pounds!” Consistency isn’t sexy and it doesn’t sell.

It’s not as fun as inspiration, I’ll be honest. Inspiration gives me that great “I CAN DO IT” feeling that tells me I can change the world. Consistency means that even when I’m pretty sure I can’t do it…I do it.

Rather than waiting for inspiration, I’m going to work on consistency here. I can’t promise I’ll make it every day. However, if I’m not making time for my dream job, what the heck am I doing?

Join me! Let’s make consistency sexy!

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