As I write this first entry on my site, I’m watching yet another summer thunderstorm from my window and hoping we don’t lose power…It’s a little tough to write about getting outside for fitness when right now my front yard looks like a river. Let’s pretend it’s a beautiful day…

My favorite gym is no gym at all. Any day of the week (okay, maybe not today, what with the flooding and all), I’d rather be hiking, biking, or even doing burpees outside. I love lifting weights, but nothing speaks to me more than being outside.

What are the best ways to get outside for fitness? The answer is that there’s no bad way to do it. The easiest exercise for anyone from beginner to fitness enthusiast is a walk, maybe with a friend for company. Got more time? Find a local trail or state park and go hiking. Want to try something new and fun? Many cities have lakes equipped with canoes, kayaks and (my favorite recently) paddleboards. One of my favorite outdoor activities that recently took me out of my comfort zone was SUP yoga. SUP=Stand Up Paddleboard.

Go try it! Find something new (or an old favorite) outside. Let me know what you choose and I’ll go do it too!

First excursion into SUP yoga. I didn’t fall in the whole afternoon!


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